I often wonder what would it be like to be a citizen of a country? What does a citizen really mean? Why is the nation the way it is? What makes a country a better place to live? What is the contribution of an individual to build a nation? What is the need of a Government, rules, regulations and policies? What gives the Government the power to decide what an individual citizen should speak, eat, drink, see and listen to? Why doesn’t an individual have the freedom to live as he/she likes?

Maybe just because I started to care about my neighbor than just my household, my future, my livelihood, I started questioning things. Being a citizen and even more, being a part of the youth flock, has very much disturbed me and kept me puzzled. It seems like I have moved from just thinking What am I doing in this country? to What should I do for this country?

Okay, maybe that’s a good start of a progressing thought process. Now comes the difficult part, Where should I begin?

Take courage and fight people at the site of crime? nah!! I don’t think so. Go complain to concerned authorities? Well!! That is how it should have worked, but sadly if that had worked, I wouldn’t have come online. Well thinking of the reason’s of the issues caused which is lack of awareness, I wished changing that would really help sort out things.

Having a strong youth base in the country this could be a more plausible solution. So my work here is to share all the knowledge that I gain after analyzing the subject and leave the opinion open to you.


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